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#Adulting, What I Was NOT Prepared For

Left: July 2019, Muddy Princess 5K, Right: October 2019, after HIGH Fitness Workout

Graduating college comes with a whirl wind of emotions and responsibilities. Finding your first “big girl” job, finding your first place to live on your own, and if you were like me, all the bills being transferred over to your name. I was lucky enough to have parents who made this transition easy for me. My parents raised me to be independent and self-sufficient and I am thankful for that every day. What I was not prepared for was the weight gain that came along this adulting transition. Freshman 15…didn’t happen with me. I was able to maintain all through college. I never have had to manage my weight. I never step on a scale until the doctor makes me every year. Well this year was the year I stepped on the scale and felt shocked and defeated.

Almost 20 pounds gained since my last appointment….Excuse me!?

Ladies, we all know that mother nature has us only 1 week per month where we feel like our weight is normal. (Men you now know the struggle that us women go through. So the next time we complain about how we look, support us a little extra). Well, we also know that I could not blame all 20 pounds on that. Also, when you are blessed with the height of 5’2 like I am, 20 pounds of weight gain is obvious. My justification was that I worked out 3 days a week, I can eat whenever and whatever I want to. Why am I gaining weight? Portion control….why? I want to eat what I want. Living a life where you can’t eat what you want is not a life worth living.

This is why I gained 20 pounds. I asked my doctor what I could do. He said my biggest weakness was carbs…how dare you take away my favorite food group!?

He mentioned to start watching the amount of carbs I was in-taking and watching calories in, verse what I was burning throughout the day. Having an office job (sitting on my bum most of the day), eating and drinking what I wanted and how much I wanted, was not working in my favor.

I didn’t want to accept the fact that I gained 20 pounds, but then I started noticing my pants weren’t fitting like they used to, clothing was starting to fit a little tighter, and my face was becoming fuller. So, I took it upon myself, with the help of Pinterest and my boyfriend, to urgently decide to buy groceries to help me maintain a low carb diet. No more making Shells and Cheese for a whole meal, no more sweet tea, no more fountain Cokes…in my head I was determined it wasn’t going to last.

I proved myself wrong. I started losing inches, not pounds. I was fitting in my clothes differently, but in a good way! I had more energy once I got home from work to actually get things done and push myself through my workouts. I was finally starting to feel productive.

It has been 2 months since my transition into watching what I eat. I am focusing more now on the calories in and what I burn throughout the day. No sugary drinks. And I don’t consume any calories until about 5-6 hours after I wake up. Life is good. I can still have some of my carbs. I am not drinking more calories than calories I eat. I have the energy to work out 4-5 times a week instead of 3. I become more full, faster and don’t feel like I need a snack to get through.

Sometimes we have wake-up calls like this to steer us in a better direction. I needed that reality check. Something I never had to worry about, is something I now make a priority to focus on every day. Now I am #Adulting in the best way possible, and it feels so good.

About Emily Bossung:

Hi everyone! I am a 23 year old, who graduated in December 2018, from IUPUI with a BS in Public Health. I have been working at my "big girl" job at a non-profit in Frankfort, IN, for just over a year and still love what I do every day.

I enjoy long binge-watches of the show "Dance Moms", cheering on the Purdue Boilermakers, and occasionally having a glass or two of Sweet Marcella red wine.

In my free-time, you can find me at the Lafayette Family YMCA, either in a fitness class or teaching a fitness class on Friday's and Saturday's!

I also have my own blog, Monday Motivation, https://ebossung.wixsite.com/ebossblog. My blog focuses on personal experience and shining a light to motivate others around me at the beginning of the week.

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